The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering acquaints itself with the most qualified instructors and researchers in the entire university in order to provide the most immersive learning experience for a technically intricate discipline. More than 70% of the faculties are PhD degree holders, all from some of the best universities of Japan, the UK, Australia and the USA. Only the best and the brightest students of this department being at the top of his/her batch are eligible to apply for a faculty position to ensure that the department holds onto its strong foundation of excellence in mentoring and guiding students.

The Department proudly attracts the top candidates who sit for the University of Dhaka Ka Unit (A-unit) Admission Test every year, taking in the top 4.3% of the candidates selected for the admission test and accounting for 0.09% of all the candidates who sit for the admission test each year. These 75 students, the seeds for the future, are well nurtured by our instructors with proper care to ensure that each of them become as strong as their predecessors, preserving the tradition of the department and metamorphose into global contributors.

Research and Career Development are the key drivers behind the vision of our department. In our department, students start conducting research work on a personal scale as early as their freshman year with complete technical guidance and support from our instructors and laboratory attendants. The department has 10 state-of-the-art research laboratories open to students of all years.  As a result, the department has witnessed an inrush of multidisciplinary publications in some of the best journals and conferences around the globe. A large number of graduates from this department choose to pursue graduate and post graduate degrees in the best institutions around the world, fully funded via prestigious grants and scholarships including the Commonwealth Scholarship, Monbukagakusho Scholarship, DAAD, AUSAID, ERASMUS MUNDAS and the Fulbright Scholarship. On the other hand, a significant number of graduates are working in various lucrative posts in a variety of multinational corporations both home and abroad such as Intel, Globalfoundries, Google, Schneider Electric, Dell, Walton, Grameenphone, Huawei and others. Our department also boasts alumni working in the public sector as cadres and secretaries.

The students of this department embrace a strong culture of competiveness, entrepreneurship and decision making. As a result, the students engage in a variety of national and international competitions circumrotating around competitive robotics, project showcasing and innovation challenges, mentored by our own faculties. This practice ensures that students do not fall behind in an era where analytical knowledge is as important as textbook knowledge and laboratory work. Furthermore, this has enabled our department to be more familiar to the academia, which has significantly increased the face value of our graduates. The department also has a number of clubs to develop and sustain the culture and promote the fundamentals amongst our students.

The department ensures that the students develop a patriotic and cultural mindset through organization of various cultural segments in all of its events. Such events bring out hidden talents, as well as eliminating “stage fright” and stimulate the ability to address a large number of people, an important life skill for engineers. The events also act as a source of fun, socialization and a healthy dose of entertainment.

The University of Dhaka has been enthusiastic towards sports and athletics, and our department is no exclusion. The department sits well at the top when it comes to inter-departmental games of basketball, football, cricket and annual athletics. The department nurtured a couple of “best athletes” and have won accolades in several sporting events. The department organizes an annual game fest to pick up the best athletes and sportsmen in 12 different types of games.

In a nutshell, the department provides a perfect environment for an individual like you. Once you get admitted to this department, your dreams become our dreams. Passionate and overly talented individuals like you will surely enjoy the association of this department with your counterparts and would be able to perfectly exploit our resources in order rise to the echelon of excellence in the world.