One could literally fill pages and write an epic on the virtually infinite number of accolades and awards the students and alumni have brought to this department over its recent years. A glimpse of those awards and accolades is provided below.


EEE, DU always fosters a bright bunch of athletes, who train hard and help keep the name of the department shining. Some notable achievements in athletics include:

  • Champion
  • Interdepartmental football: 2009, 2010
  • Interdepartmental basketball: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Runner Up
  • Interdepartmental football: 2012, 2016
  • Interdepartmental cricket: 2009
  • Best Athlete of DU awarded to Shrikrishna Halder, a graduate of this department in 2015.




DU boasts the set of most brilliant students in the entire university. Graduates from this department have been regularly receiving the Dean’s Award (Faculty of Engineering and Technology, DU), an honor awarded to those with the highest cumulative grade point averages in the entire faculty. Recent Dean’s Award holders include:

    • Shekh Md. Mahmudul Islam (2013)
    • Md. Zahidul Islam (2013)
    • Miftahul Jannat Rasna (2013)
    • Sabbir Akhand (2016)
    • Jannatul Tahrima (2016)
    • Nowaz Rabbani (2016)
    • A.B.M Hasan Talukder, a student of session 2006-2007, was awarded Gold Medal in January 2016 from the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina for achieving the topmost CGPA in B.Sc. examination in the faculty of Engineering & Technology. Another student of the department, Mr. Shekh Md mahmudul Islam recently has been selected for the same award for his outstanding result in B.Sc. examination.
    • Very recently in December 2016, one sophomore year student, Mr. Swapnil Sayan Saha, received an US scholarship from his residential hall for achieving the highest GPA in Freshman Year (2015) in the entire Faculty of Engineering and Technology by beating 4 other departments.

National Competitions

Since its transformation into a fully-fledged engineering department in December 2014, the department has then experienced a dramatic turn of events when some of its students stood up and initiated the culture of competitive robotics and projects. The department is now well known and revered in the field of robotics, thanks to the numerous accolades in robotics and project competitions earned by its students.Team Orion Gladiators, one of the first competitive robotics team of this department, formed in July 2015 as Team Orion, has been one of the most successful teams in terms of both winning accolades and crafting quality systems that have the potential to change the world. Some of their notable achievements on a national scale include:

  • Runner Up in Project Showcasing, Mecceleration 2015, organized by MCE, IUT in August 2015.
  • Best Project Award in IEEE Student Conference of Science & Engineering 2015, organized by IEEE Student Branch DU in September 2015.
  • Champion in Project Competition (Junior Category) in EEE Day 2015 Redefined, organized by EEE, BUET in December 2015.
  • Champion in Project Competition (Junior Category) in EEE Day 2015, organized by EEE, BUET in December 2016.
  • Champion in Global Robotics Challenge 2016 Bangladesh Round. Category: Techkriti Innovation Challenge, organized by ESAB in February 2016 (The Team consisted of both EEE and CSE students of DU and was named as Orion Puppeteers).
  • Champion in Project Competition (Junior Category) in EEE Day 2015, organized by EEE, BUET in December 2016.

DU Triquetra is another advanced robotics team jointly formed by students of EEE, DU and CSE, DU that have won some major accolades in some extremely prestigious competitions. Consisting of the best robotics enthusiasts of the university including the personal mentors of Team Orion Gladiator’s team leader, some of their notable achievements include