B.Sc (Engg.)


Program Name: B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • 1. Admission: Students will be admitted to the department as per university rules.
  • 2. Duration of the Program: 4 years.
  • 3. Total Number of Credits in 8 semesters (4 years): 165.0
  • 4. Total Number of Semesters: 4×2=8 (2 Semesters per year)

Class: 14 weeks (3 hours per week for each course)
Preparation Leave (PL): 02 weeks
Exam: 03 weeks
Results: 03 weeks
Total: 22 weeks per semester

  • 5. Teaching of the courses:
    1. For each credit of a theory course, there will be 1 class per week of 1 hour duration.
    2. Total classes in a semester for each credit of a theory course will be 15 (15×1).
    3. Total Contact Hours in a semester for each 1.0 credit theory course: 15×1=15.
    4. For each 1.0 credit lab course, there will be 1 class per week of 2 hours’ duration.
    5. Total classes in a semester for each 1.0 credit lab course in 15 weeks: 15×1=15.
    6. Total Contact Hours in a semester for each 1.0 credit lab course: 15×2=30
  • 6. Evaluation of the courses: as per university rule.
  • 7. Marks Distribution:
    • For a theory course:
      • Attendance 05%
      • Assignment/Presentation 05%
      • Incourse 30%
      • Final Examination 60%

Total Marks 100%

    • For a lab course:
      • Attendance 10%
      • Reports 20%
      • Continuous Assessment 50%
      • Viva 20%

Total Marks 100%

  • 8. Attendance:

Students with 75% attendance and above in each course will be eligible to sit for the semester final examinations. Students having attendance >=60% and <75% will be considered to sit for the examination after paying some fines. Students having attendance below 60% will not be eligible to appear at the examination. The marks distribution for attendance is given below:

  • 9. Examination Committee:
    • 1. The examination committee consisting of 4 teachers will be proposed by the Academic Committee of the department.
    • 2. There will be an examination committee for every academic year.
    • 3. The committee will consist of a Chairman, 2 internal members and an external member. The Course Coordinator should be one of the members of the committee.
    • 4. The committee may have the external member from University of Dhaka or outside of University of Dhaka.
    • 5. The Chairman of the examination committee, with the help of the committee members, will be responsible for getting questions from the respective course teachers, moderating the questions and printing them, hulding examinations and publication of results.
  • 10. Tabulators:
    • 1. The examination committee will appoint two tabulators.
    • 2. Course teachers/examiners will submit their grade-sheets in detail.
    • 3. The tabulators will enter the marks given by each course teacher/examiner in the tabulation sheets independently and process the examination results.
    • 4. The contruller’s office will publish the examination results at the end of every semester and issue the transcripts.


  • 11. Promotion and the Final Degree:
    • 1. The minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) 2.00, 2.25, 2.5 will be required for promotion from 2nd, 4th, 6th semester to the next respectively (year to year promotion).
    • 2. CGPA = ∑ GiCi ÷ ∑ Ci, where, Gi is the grade point obtained in course i and Ci is the corresponding credit.
    • 3. The minimum GP of 2.00 is required in each theory course and an overall CGPA of 2.5 will be required for award of the B. Sc. Degree.
    • 4. The Degree must be earned within the limit of 12 semesters, i.e. 6 academic years from the date of admission to the 1st semester.
    • 5. There will be no option for grace.
  • 12. Re-admission and Drop Out:
    • 1. A student failing to get promotion may seek re-admission to study with the fullowing batch. In the case of re-admission, all previously earned grades for the two semesters of that year will be cancelled.
    • 2. A student may take re-admission only 2 times. If required, a student may take re-admission in the same class, but the Degree must be completed within 6 years.
    • 3. A student failing to get minimum required CGPA even after taking re-admission twice will be dropped out of the program.


  • 13. Improvement of Grades:
    • 1. A student will be allowed maximum of 2 chances to clear F grade/grades with the immediate next batches by complying with the time requirement for the degree including final year (4th year). A student will not be allowed for grade improvement once s/he is eligible for the degree. During the extra period for clearing F grades student will not be allowed to remain in residential halls.
    • 2. A student getting F grade in any theory course (courses) has to attend only the final examination for that (those) course (courses).
    • 3. A student may improve grade/grades of any course only once by reappearing at the examination with the immediate next batch if he/she obtains a grade less than or equal to C+ (GP = 2.50) and the best grade that a student can achieve in case of grade improvement is B+ (GP = 3.25).
    • 4. In addition to the usual fees, a fine, as per university rules, will be imposed for each course chosen for improvement.
    • 5. A student will have to be mentally prepared to take the examination of a particular course chosen for improvement even if it is held on the same day of his/her other regular examination.