Campus Life

The Department and the University

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is located right near the Western Entrance of the premises of the well-renowned Curzon Hall premises. The Curzon Hall is positioned at one of the roads leading from the famed “Doyel Chokkor” towards Chankharpul. The Curzon Hall, a unique combination of Mughal and European designing styles and the traditional artistry of the time, was made to blend exquisitely with the modern features. The Curzon hall consists of most of the departments under Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Biological Sciences.



One of the most distinctive features of this university is its residential halls. All students of this university, whether or not they decide to stay at a residential hall or not, are affiliated to a hall. These halls have their own distinct sub cultural activities and events and also offer financial help to bright and needy students through scholarships and financial aids. Students of this department have been known to be affiliated with Shahidullah Hall, Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall, Jagannath Hall, Sir P.J. Hartog International Hall, Amar Ekushey Hall, Kabi Sufia Kamal Hall, Shamsunnahar Hall and Rokeya Hall.


Registrar Building & Senate Building

The Academic Building (Registrar’s Building), located near the Fuller road is administratively the most important infrastructure of the university. All the administrative activities are carried out from this facility. The office of Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Treasurer and other important administrative figures are located here. The admission of students, examination admission card issue, examination control, and every other administrative activities are performed here.

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The Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Building plays a key role in hosting various national and international conferences, MUNs and congresses affiliated with the University. Events pertaining to the EEE department, such as ICIEV, ICIVPR, SCSE, IEEE Annual Congress and Dean’s Award Ceremony are held at this aesthetically pleasant venue. The annual senate is also held at this venue.


TSC - The Teacher Student Center

The Teacher Student Center (TSC) is considered to be the social and cultural hub of the university. Students and faculties come here to relax, chit-chat with colleagues, play a game of table tennis or sing along soulfully with friends. The fresher’s reception of most departments, including the Department of EEE, is held at the auditorium situated inside the TSC. TSC also boasts a canteen, a conference room, offices of several student bodies and cultural clubs, a swimming pool, counselling and guidance centers, art and music rooms, games rooms, banks, cyber centers, book stores and a counselling center. Important political and social meetings and public addresses are regularly held at the TSC, as well as inaugural ceremonies and the annual convocation.

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Transport & Cafeteria

Transportation facilities are provided for free to all the students affiliated with this university. The buses used to transport students to and from various localities are themselves considered a symbol of pride amongst the students and the buses are managed by the students themselves like a family. Bus services are available on all workdays unless the university remains closed.


The University of Dhaka has ample restaurants, eateries, roadside cafes and tea stalls to cater the eclectic tastes and treats of all of its students within a budget. In fact, the university is well known for its inexpensive delicacies to food lovers around the city. The residential halls have their own canteens and eateries for both residential and non-residential students. Some of the most popular eateries near the department include Zohir’s Canteen, Science Cafeteria, Math Canteen and Pushti Canteen. Several other popular cafeterias include the TSC Cafeteria, FBS Food Court, Modhur Canteen, DUCSU Cafeteria and the IBA Canteen.



Playgrounds & Gymnasium

The University of Dhaka has always been passionate about sports and athletics since its inception. The EEE Department has been within the top spot for years. The Sports Center is located just adjacent to the department, containing a basketball court, a football ground, a cricket pitch, a swimming pool and a gymnasium. Training facilities are provided for all aspiring athletes with separate instructors for female students.

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