M.Sc (Engg.)


Program Name: M.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

MS Four Majors:

G1. Applied Physics and Material Science
G2. Instrumentation and Control
G3. Communication and Signal Processing
G4. Power System

Duration:                    1.5 Years, Three semesters: Course work (1st + 2nd) semester, and Thesis 3rd semester.
Total Credit:               36 Hours

Major four courses: will be selected one from each of the 4 groups.
Optional Courses (3 courses from one optional gr. and 1 from any other gr.):
#G1. Applied Physics and Material Science:

EEE-5101: Quantum Mechanics I
EEE-5102: Quantum Mechanics II
EEE-5103: Classical Mechanics
EEE-5104: Statistical Mechanics
EEE-5105: Electrodynamics
EEE-5106: Solid State Physics
EEE-5107: Nonlinear Optics
EEE-5108: Quantum Optics
EEE-5109: Simulation and Modeling in Material Science
EEE-5110: Nano Material
EEE-5111: Optical Integrated Circuit
EEE-5112: Surface Engineering
EEE-5113: Laser Physics
EEE-5114: Materials Structure Science
EEE-5115: Characterization of Materials and Semiconductors
EEE-5116: Quantum Communication and Information
EEE-5117: Cosmology and Gravitation
EEE-5118: Quantum Field Theory
EEE-5119: Biophysics

#G2. Instrumentation and Control

EEE-5201: Biomedical Instrumentation
EEE-5202: Medical Physics
EEE-5203: Geophysics and Instrumentation
EEE-5204: Environmental Instrumentation and GIS
EEE-5205: Industrial Process Instrumentation and PLC
EEE-5206: Multivariate and Adaptive Control System
EEE-5207: Fuzzy Neural Control System
EEE-5208: Industrial Quality Control
EEE-5209: Robotics and Embedded System
EEE-5210: Robotics and Automation
EEE-5311: Intelligent Systems
EEE-5212: Mechatronics Systems Engineering
EEE-5213: Multivariable and Adaptive Control System
EEE-5214: Optical Control Theory

#G3. Communication and Signal Processing

EEE-5301: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
EEE-5302: Digital Image Processing
EEE-5303: Advanced Digital Image Processing
EEE-5304: Computer Vision
EEE-5305: Biomedical Signal Analysis and Telemedicine
EEE-5306: Video Processing and Coding Technology
EEE-5307: Random Signal and Process
EEE-5308: Information Theory and Coding
EEE-5309: Traffic Theory and Queuing System
EEE-5310: Network and Information Security
EEE-5311: Digital Speech Processing
EEE-5312: High Speed Computer Networking
EEE-5313: Advanced Data and Mobile Communication
EEE-5314: Advanced Communication Theory
EEE-5315: MIMO Wireless Communications

#G4. Power System

EEE-5401: Power Plant Engineering
EEE-5402: Power System Analysis
EEE-5403: Power System Operation and Control
EEE-5404: Power Electronics
EEE-5405: Power system Stability
EEE-5406: Electrical Distribution Systems
EEE-5407: AI Applications to Power Systems
EEE-5408: Advanced Power System Protection
EEE-5409: Power System Planning and Reliability
EEE-5410: Power System Instrumentation
EEE-5411: Economics and Planning of Energy systems
EEE-5412: Power System Transients and High Voltage Engineering
EEE-5413: Smart Grid Design and Analysis
EEE-5414: Power Conversion Techniques
EEE-5415: Power system Dynamics
EEE-5416: Renewable Power Generation Sources
EEE-5417: Communication for Power System Operation and management

Thesis/ Project and Practical

EEE-5000: Thesis
EEE-5001: Project
EEE-5002: Practical