Welcome to EEE

The history of the department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering is a narrative of response to society’s call. In September 1965, the Department of Applied Physics was opened to meet the demand for higher studies in different areas of electronics and Professor Shah Md. Fazlur Rahman became the founder head of the department. Later, the course curriculum was upgraded and the department was renamed as the Department of Applied Physics & Electronics in 1974.

To meet the increasing demand of the 21st century in electronics and communication engineering and to facilitate further development in these areas, the syllabus was updated again and the department was renamed as the Department of Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering in October 2005. This department became part of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology in June 2008. Very recently, the department has been emerged as the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in November 2014 with updated curriculum. At the commencement, the department admitted students only in the M.Sc. program. Later on, B.Sc. program was introduced in 1975. At present the department offers B.Sc. in EEE, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.

Currently, the chairperson of the department is Professor Dr. Anis Ahmed, who has been successfully leading the department since December 2020. Further, there are 10 dedicated office staffs who are working graciously in order to maintain smooth functioning of the administrative and daily activities of the department. Since its inception in 1965, the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has been the pioneer in the fields of computer engineering, telecommunications engineering and electronics. The department is slowly paving its way towards the echelon of engineering education amongst the various engineering institutions of the country.